Weekly Wrtiting Challenge: Mind the Gap| Zombie Apocolypse

Cell phones, computers, tablets, e-readers; where does it end? It seems as though the digital age has completely taken over. Everything that was once a phyisical entity, CD’s, books, magazines, have all been brought into their digital maturity. What was life like before all of this? What was life like before people became phone zombies? I remember the days before all people did was look down. Those days seem so far away, but really weren’t that long ago. I remember my dad, getting his first cell phone, how excited he was. But he wasn’t the only one, we were all excited. At first, cell phones just seemed like a thing of convenience. They were there if an emergency happened, or if you were in a rut and needed to call someone away from home. The original purpose of a cell phone was really quite awesome. But then, the smartphone came along. I have compared smartphone users to the Zombies on the Walking Dead. The time of small talk with strangers has completely gone by the wayside, and it really is a sad state of affairs. Take the bus somewhere and look around you. All anyone is doing is tweeing, facebooking, emailing, etc. People wonder why it’s so hard to make new friends? All this digitalization is the culprit.

But don’t let me fool you into thinking that I am completely against it. I think that the age of digitilization has its benefits for sure. The news right at your fingertips, the latest breakthroughs in an instant, and emailing on the go if you forgot to send one at work. These are the things I value, these are the things I think people should take advantage of.

But what in the world is the point of constantly being on social media? How does one get to know ones self if all they do is interact with people they barely know online? This isn’t the only issue though. I have done some research and there is an actual side effect of constant social media useage. Social media anxiety is becoming more and more prevelant amongst young people who don’t have much of a social life to begin with. It is rendering their ability to actually physically interact with people and social media becomes their lives. This is scary. This is reality. I feel like we need to change it. I feel like we need to set reality apart from what isn’t real with our children and young adults. Even with adults though, reality IS social media. People are becoming slaves to their phones and it is scary.

All you have to do is go to a restaurant waiting room and sit down and take a look around to realize that 90% of the people in there are phone zombies. For those of you waiting for that zombie apocolypse…GUESS WHAT? It’s already happening all around you. Take a look up from your iPhone and become aware of your surroundings. You may be surprised.