On Life and Death: Preventative Measures and the Reality of it All

Have you ever sat there and thought about how you are going to die? I can’t tell you how many times I have sat there and considered exactly what type of cancer I might get, or what disease might ale me when I am middle aged. My father died of cancer when he was 42 years old. I have never taken that situation lightly because we have no idea what caused it. His father is on his death bed with Alzheimer’s disease and having previously fought cancer himself. This basically tells me one thing; I’m screwed unless I do the absolute best to keep myself healthy and active as well as get checkups every year. I recently had a revelation… I have to work out or I AM going to die young, and that is a very scary thought.

Thinking about death really frightens me. I know a lot of people say, “don’t think about it and enjoy life.” How can I do that when so many people I know have died much too young? I don’t understand how people can just not worry about dying. Cancer, amongst many other diseases are so prominent now that I just can’t help but be a hypochondriac. I am doing my very best at 22 years old to fight what may be coming my way by exercising and [trying] to eat right, but it is difficult. This country is consumed with unbelievably bad eating habits, and when you grow up eating fried foods, it’s as hard to stop that as it is smoking cigarettes. Actually, I quit cigarettes cold turkey, but the bad food is like a harder drug and it is rough.

I recently heard about Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy. I thought to myself, ‘Wow, thats a really good preventative measure considering she was at an 86% risk of breat cancer.’ But how the hell could someone like me afford the test to check for that? On top of that, the plastic surgery to undergo a DOUBLE MASTECTOMY. I read an interesting article today about this and the fact that it pissed a lot of women off because of the fact that it is so unrealistic. Taking the time off of work to undergo the surgery and the 20,000 out of pocket to cover it is just ridiculous. I mean good for her, but most insurance companies won’t cover that type of preventative care. That makes me so angry. Which leads me to another topic… how can women prevent cancer if the overpriced insurance companies won’t pay for the fucking preventative measures?

Okay, yes, according to Healthcare.gov, insurance companies are mostly mandated to cover mammograms and cervical cancer screenings, but this is not the same as understanding your exact risk percentage and what can be done now to avoid possible cancer in the future. Mammograms are there to tell you if you HAVE cancer, but not if your going to get cancer. This is bull. We should be entitled to the genetic testing that screens for the BRCA1 gene for free. This would allow us to take action now, rather than when it is too late. Not everyone undergoes mammograms, or other screenings, and this would prevent many problems, but I don’t see the government mandating the insurance companies responsible for this.

It truly is unfortunate, because I would like to see that middle class working women and lower class women have the same chance of fighting a possible grim future, just like Angelina Jolie. Right now this doesn’t seem like something that is in the near future, but with the right tactic, maybe someone can start a fund for those who can’t afford the test or insurance that will pay for the test.

Anything is possible, and I believe that ANY preventative measure should be made available to those who cannot afford it.



Let’s Talk About Springtime

I don’t know about you, but I love spring. I love it when the cold air starts drifting away, and the warm air melts everything that was frozen. The ground softens and the light changes to a warmer ambience. I begin to look outside and see the squirrels unburrowing themselves from their winter nests, and beginning to gather nuts again. Their cute little fuzzy tails flopping in the breeze as they hop around with that squirrley glee. I even love looking at all the ants coming out from the ground gathering this and that. But, I think my favorite part about it is when the trees start budding again. When this happens, I know that the leaves are coming soon and it means impending summer. I live in New England and I love all the seasons, but I can definitely say that winter is my least favorite. 

The leaves just unfolded themselves here and it has put a permanent smile on my face. I have terrible allergies, but I still love the look and feel of the new warmth of springtime. I love the fact that I can finally go outside in the cool, crisp breeze of the morning and take a jog without freezing to the bone. The sunrise makes me feel like there is new hope and new things to happen. I feel like a child again in the springtime, when the bees are buzzing around my ears, munching away at the pollen in the newly risen flowers. There is nothing quite like walking outside in a t-shirt and feeling the most ultimate comfort. 

The springtime also brings me pure joy and it brings motivation. I know many people who suffer from seasonal depression and springtime seems to bring the joy out in them as well. It really is a happy time for me and I wanted to share my joy with all of you. 

What is everyone going to do this spring?

Any big, exciting plans? Please… I’d love to hear! 


Not Everyone Will Be Your Friend, Find Ones That Will Be

Exactly what I was thinking


Out of everything I have been through in my life, and trying to make sense of who are my true friends or not and among everything else, It is a hard thing to for some to make sense of it all. In life you will encounter so many different types of people and you will meet all sorts of people, but not everyone will be your friend. You just talk to people, not knowing their name or where they come from. It happens in spontaneous moments when your out in public, when you are traveling and people in school, work, or other places. Some people come into your life for a few minutes, you will meet and talk to someone for an hour or half an hour or whatever the case maybe, and then you part your ways. Its happened to me a lot and it is pretty cool that…

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Remember a Time When Genuine People Existed?


I am sitting here at work, thinking about the last time I actually made a real friend. It has been longer than I can even begin to contemplate. There are so many things that turn me off to people these days. People are so engrossed in their electronics that they forget what it is like to have true companionship in life.

I was three years old when I first walked into Stepping Stones Daycare. It was terrifying for me. I had no idea what to expect or who to expect. But then, right off the bat, I met the girl that would quickly become the best friend I would ever have in my life. It was so simple. We were just two little girls going to daycare together. We didn’t have to say much, we just knew that we were undoubtedly friends. Throughout the years, I had friends come and go, but she never left my side. Even in hard times, we were always there for eachother. Once we got out of high school, she went away to college and I stayed for community college. Through the four years that followed, we still remained close. Even today, after she decided that moving to Boston was the best decision for her, we still love each other dearly and remain the best of friends.

This is the one and only example I have of someone remaining my friend for 19 years. Almost 2 decades. I’m not really asking for someone to dedicate that amount of time to me, but what I am asking is for the people who claim to be my friend to shove it. It always turns out the same. When I’m having a good day and want to talk, they might be there. When I have a bad day and need someone to talk to, which is rare, they are NEVER there. This is mind boggling to me. I know I am unique, I know I am different, but why is it so difficult to find  someone these days that actually gives a shit? I put in all my effort to be ignored.

Don’t get me wrong, I have my boyfriend who I love dearly and to the ends of the earth, but that doesn’t count. No. I’m talking about friends.

I’m not trying to be selfish here, but it’s true. The new trend these days is to ignore. Oh, don’t want to talk today? I think I’ll ignore you rather than actually tell you I don’t feel like talking. Where are all the genuine friends out there? Where have they gone.

Let me ask you something, how many genuine friends do you have? Where did you find them?

I would like to try and find myself one other friend to build a true friendship with from scratch. Someone who I am there for in hard times and someone that is there for me in hard times.

So, for those of you out there that have a ton of friends, please give me your expert advise on friendship.

Attempting to Gain Work Experience Without a Degree


Have you ever wondered how to gain work experience while going to school? I am currently attempting to travel down this road. I have been going to school for my bachelor’s degree in communications, but I kept thinking to myself, how in the world am I going to get the marketing experience I need without the degree? Then it hit me, try to move to a new position in the company I already work for!

When I first started here, I was in the position of “order entry.” This wasn’t exactly the position I was hoping to have while I was going to school for communications. I was in this position for a few months before a position titled “lead generation specialist” opened up in the marketing department. My initial thought was ‘how exciting!’ When the worldwide marketing manager sent me the job description, it was a little intimidating. It was a brand new position within the company and the lucky fella or gal that landed it needed to have a college degree and also, needed to make the position a successful one.

Well, I thought to myself, there can’t be any harm in at least trying to get the job. So, I applied for it. Next thing I knew I was getting interviewed by upper management so that they could test my critical selling skills. After the interview, I was unbelievably nervous. But then by some miracle, I got an email telling me that they were offering me the job. WOW!

So, I have been in this position for about a month and all of a sudden, the marketing communications specialist job opens up. OH MY GOODNESS. This is exactly what I was hoping for. But here’s a dilemma, I’ve only been in my position for a month and now I want to move again. But here is my philosophy. Live day by day, moment by moment. IF an opportunity presents itself, don’t hesitate, just ask. There is no harm in trying. And, if you don’t at least try, then chances are you are going to highly regret the decision to be shy.

So, I pushed all my stress and body shaking anxiety aside and brought my manager in for a one on one to inquire about the job. And guess what? I landed a writing project and an interview for tomorrow. THAT my friends is called ambition and initiative, and THAT is what you need to succeed in your workplace.

The moral of the story is this, if you want to improve yourself, but don’t have the degree to prove your skills to another employer, try moving up in the company you already work for!

Here are some ideas:

1. Keep an eye out for internal openings. Chances are your company will post them internally first before posting them on third party websites.

2. If you are up against multiple external candidates, think about this: you have a distinct advantage over them. Why? Because you probably know the company and its product or service like the back of your hand. Use this to your advantage.

3. If you want to move up in your company and you are going to school for the position you want, management will not only consider you, but chances are they will offer to pay for your part of your degree as well!

Ambition, initiative, and motivation will get you everywhere in life.

Life is short, don’t pass up an opportunity because it is intimidating. At least put in the effort to nail it and if you do, your company will most likely put in a decent effort to train you. They obviously saw something in you that they didn’t see in everyone else.