Let’s Talk About Springtime

I don’t know about you, but I love spring. I love it when the cold air starts drifting away, and the warm air melts everything that was frozen. The ground softens and the light changes to a warmer ambience. I begin to look outside and see the squirrels unburrowing themselves from their winter nests, and beginning to gather nuts again. Their cute little fuzzy tails flopping in the breeze as they hop around with that squirrley glee. I even love looking at all the ants coming out from the ground gathering this and that. But, I think my favorite part about it is when the trees start budding again. When this happens, I know that the leaves are coming soon and it means impending summer. I live in New England and I love all the seasons, but I can definitely say that winter is my least favorite. 

The leaves just unfolded themselves here and it has put a permanent smile on my face. I have terrible allergies, but I still love the look and feel of the new warmth of springtime. I love the fact that I can finally go outside in the cool, crisp breeze of the morning and take a jog without freezing to the bone. The sunrise makes me feel like there is new hope and new things to happen. I feel like a child again in the springtime, when the bees are buzzing around my ears, munching away at the pollen in the newly risen flowers. There is nothing quite like walking outside in a t-shirt and feeling the most ultimate comfort. 

The springtime also brings me pure joy and it brings motivation. I know many people who suffer from seasonal depression and springtime seems to bring the joy out in them as well. It really is a happy time for me and I wanted to share my joy with all of you. 

What is everyone going to do this spring?

Any big, exciting plans? Please… I’d love to hear! 



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