Blogging is like yoga…

What a wonderful comparison.


stretchfantasticI could just be doing them both wrong– but I’ve noticed that blogging is a lot like yoga.

You have to be a believer in flexibility and stretching to enjoy either.  If you don’t believe in being flexible in your thoughts and with your words, blogging will be a lonely path.  The same goes for yoga.  If you aren’t in it to stretch your body, it’ll begin to feel pointless.

Both are strangely, intensely personal.  Even if it’s just supposed to be an exercise or a hobby, eventually you will reveal yourself to yourself through your practice.  You start with a small goal– I want to reach my toes, or I want to write once a day.  The next thing you know, your goals are bigger and wider and your journey has been transformed.

No one really wants to hear about blogging or yoga except other bloggers and other yoga-lovers.

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