Raising a Bonsai Tree

I recently bought a Juniper Bonsai Tree and I am really looking forward to raising it and keeping it healthy for many years to come. 

Some interesting facts about the Juniper Bonsai: 1. Apparently Juniper Bonsais are the easiest species of bonsai for a beginner to raise because of their hardiness in comparison to the other species of bonsai. 2. Juniper bonsais can be grown indoors and out as long as they get their desired sunlight. 3. The Juniper Bonsai requires at least 2 hours of preferably morning sunlight.

I bought some conifer bonsai soil and some specialty bonsai fertilizer. I’m hoping this does the trick in the new 8″ pot that I bought for it. 

So far it has enjoyed being in my front yard which is loaded with morning sunlight and afternoon shade. Me and my boyfriend have decided to name the tree Confucius. I will post some pictures to show my starting point with it and to show the steady growth that will hopefully happen. 




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